About Blue Square Pizza

Sourdough hand crafted detroit style pizza

Simple & Elevated Pizza

Our pizza philosophy is centered on just three ingredients: dough, sauce, and cheese. We want to celebrate the simple, traditional heritage of pizza and we do that by allocating most of our time and labor to the dough process and by sourcing the ripest, most vibrant tomatoes on the market along with the highest quality cheese we can possibly find. 

Because of this approach, we do not top our pizzas with numerous chef-driven ingredients. Instead, we’ve carefully sourced the highest quality meats and freshest vegetables and craft each pizza around just one or two of those ingredients. Thus, our pizzas are simple, but offer an elevated flavor experience because most of our effort is focused on the main character – the dough – which is supported by the best tomatoes and cheese we can source. Crafting a pizza with just one or two high quality ingredients allows the dough, sauce, and cheese to shine.

Detroit style pizza done right
margherita pizza with sourdough crust
classic cheese pizza with a sourdough crust

About Blue Square Pizza

Blue Square Pizza is a sourdough pizzeria founded in 2022 in Hopkinton, MA. We focus on bringing three exciting pizza trends to your home: Detroit-style pizza, grandma pizza (a.ka. the grandma pie), and the New York-style round pie. At Blue Square Pizza we believe the crust should be the best part of the pizza, and great crust starts with the understanding of how to bake great bread. That’s why we employ bread baking techniques to the in-house production of our pizza dough. 

We start by using our aged sourdough starter to naturally leaven our dough which is made from our proprietary blend of 100% organic flours. Naturally leavened pizza dough has a slower and longer fermentation cycle, which relies on wild yeast, good bacteria, and enzymes to break down gluten, complex carbohydrates, and FODMAPs in the dough, creating a more digestible crust. In other words, the wild yeast and bacteria do most of the digesting, so your gut doesn’t have to. The dough then undergoes a series of bread baking techniques to gently develop the gluten in the dough and is followed by a long 72-hour fermentation to maximize flavor depth and complexity. All our pizza crusts will have a crispy exterior and a light, airy, and tender interior.