Our Sourdough

At Blue Square Pizza, it all starts with the dough. We carefully employ bread baking techniques to maximize the flavor complexity of our dough. All our pizza dough is made with our proprietary, organic sourdough starter. A sourdough starter is a living organism that requires constant cultivation and maintenance with flour and water. It is an active colony of wild yeast, enzymes, and good bacteria, which we cultivate every day. Sourdough has a longer fermentation time than commercially yeasted pizza dough, which allows the lactic acid in the sourdough to unlock the nutrients within the flour. This creates a more flavorful, digestible pizza dough with more readily available nutrients. Much like a fine wine, a sourdough starter only improves with age and will deliver more flavorfully robust, and airy pizza crusts over time.


Our authentic Detroit-style pizzas are cooked in rectangular, blue steel pans and covered from edge to edge with a blend of brick cheese and whole milk mozzarella. This creates a buttery, caramelized cheese crust around the edges and is the most desirable aspect of this style. Keeping true to the tradition, our Detroit-style pizzas are sauced after the bake and cut into squares.

The Grandma Pie

A Long Island staple, grandma pizza has its origins in the homes of America’s Italian ancestors. Indeed, the name “grandma” indicates respect for the tradition of the simple rustic pizza eaten at home in Sicily. Baked in large, rectangular pans, grandma pizza is a distinct thin style of pizza cut into squares. Grandma pies are traditionally topped with just cheese and tomato sauce. We let our sourdough rise in the pans for four to six hours before topping and baking, which creates a very light and airy, open crumb.

New York-Style Round Pie

Our New York-style round pies are hand tossed and baked thin and crispy then cut into triangles. Our sourdough creates a New York pizza crust with a crispy exterior and a soft, tender interior.