Blue Square Pizza

Blue Square Pizza

We are a sourdough pizzeria founded in Hopkinton, MA.

Detroit Style Pizza, Grandma Pies, & New York Style Pizzas Made Fresh. 

EST 2022

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Blue Square Pizza - 2023 Awards:
Pizzeria Startup of the Year | Top Use of Technology

In 2023, Emerald Expositions, the parent company of Pizza Today, launched the Pizza Industry Excellence (PIE) Awards. The PIE Awards were designed to honor pizzeria operators and help celebrate their business accomplishments. Judging recently wrapped up and winners in 24 different categories are announced here.

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35 Pizzerias to Watch in America in 2024 - 

"We asked independent pizzeria owners to submit their businesses for consideration in our Pizzerias to Watch list. We received hundreds of outstanding submissions and have painstakingly whittled them down to this list of 35."

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Special Report: PMQ’s 20 Pizza Brands to Watch in 2024 - 

"Established in 2022 Blue Square Pizza touts itself as Massachusetts’ only pizza shop where customers can get three distinct pizza styles—Detroit, New York and grandma—on a sourdough base."

How We Elevate Your Pizza Experience

We focus on bringing three exciting pizza trends to your home: Detroit-style pizza, grandma pizza (a.ka. the grandma pie), and the New York round pie. At Blue Square Pizza we believe the crust should be the best part of the pizza, and great crust starts with understanding how to bake great bread. That’s why we employ bread-baking techniques to the in-house production of our pizza dough. 

We start by using our aged sourdough starter to naturally leaven our dough which is made from our proprietary blend of 100% organic flours. The dough then undergoes a series of bread baking techniques to gently develop the gluten in the dough and is followed by a long 72-hour fermentation to maximize flavor depth and complexity. All our pizza crusts will have a crispy exterior and a light, airy, and tender interior.

We offer pickup, to-go, delivery and a counter service dine-in experience.

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Our Sourdough

At Blue Square Pizza, it all starts with the dough. We carefully employ bread baking techniques to maximize the flavor complexity of our dough. All our pizza dough is made with our proprietary, organic sourdough starter. A sourdough starter is a living organism that requires constant cultivation and maintenance with flour and water. It is an active colony of wild yeast, enzymes, and good bacteria, which we cultivate every day. Sourdough has a longer fermentation cycle than commercially yeasted pizza dough, which allows the lactic acid in the sourdough to unlock the nutrients within the flour. Much like a fine wine, a sourdough starter only improves with age and will deliver more flavorfully robust, and airy pizza crusts over time.

Our Pizza

Our Detroit and grandma pies can be characterized as focaccia slices rather than the thick, dense traditional notion of square pizza. Our crusts are light and airy with an irregular open crumb. This is because naturally leavened pizza dough has a slower and longer fermentation cycle, which relies on wild yeast, good bacteria, and enzymes to break down gluten, complex carbohydrates, and FODMAPs in the dough, creating a much lighter, airier, and more digestible crust. In other words, the yeast and bacteria do most of the digesting, so your gut doesn’t have to. Our New York-style round pies are thin and crispy and the cornicione will also have the light and airy open crumb experience that our sourdough offers.

Detroit Style

Detroit-style Pizza

Our authentic Detroit-style pizzas are cooked in rectangular, blue steel pans and covered edge to edge with Wisconsin brick cheese. This creates a buttery, caramelized cheese crust around the edges and is the most desirable aspect of this style. Keeping true to the tradition, our Detroit-style pizzas are sauced after the bake and cut into squares.

Grandma's Pizza Pie

The Grandma Pie

A Long Island staple, grandma pizza has its origins in the homes of America’s Italian ancestors. Indeed, the name “grandma” indicates respect for the tradition of the simple rustic pizza eaten at home in Sicily. Baked in large, rectangular pans, grandma pizza is a distinct thin style of pizza cut into squares. Grandma pies are traditionally topped with just cheese and tomato sauce. We let our sourdough rise in the pans for four to six hours before topping and baking, which creates a very light and airy, open crumb

New York Style

New York-Style Pizza

Our New York-style round pies are hand tossed and baked thin and crispy then cut into triangles. Our sourdough creates a New York pizza crust with a crispy exterior and a soft, tender interior.

What Our Customers Are Saying

These guys do Detroit Style Pizza JUSTICE. Its absolutely perfectly crispy, crispy, almost synged edges, and deliciously juicy sauce, perfectly balanced to the cheese.

It's worth the drive (and I drove almost an hour). And I'll do it again. I have yet to try the NY pie but the sourdough crust looked delicious, too. Keep it up, fellas.

Anthony Allen

Amy Moon

Picked up a Detroit style sausage and red onion and any style mushroom truffle! Both were outstanding! 

Delicious! Fresh! Filling! Definitely will be back in to try other flavor profile! Really good! Go try for yourself!

Sharon Sheppard

Are you kidding me!!! The best pizza ever. Sourdough crust, amazing and fresh toppings, friendly owners and staff. 

Highly recommend if you are actually looking for good pizza in Hopkinton. Can’t wait to try more combos.

So Rob

I lived in three different countries and this is by far one of the best pizza I have ever had I wish I could give it a 10 star. Thank you for bringing this to Hopkinton. Again, it's one of the best in the country.

Christopher Hastings

I haven't been able to eat real pizza for 10 years due to gluten. Their slow-rise pizza dough doesn't affect me at all and it is amazing!

30 Main St, Hopkinton, MA , 01748